Thursday, September 25, 2008

Understanding Comics Chapters 4-9

This reading made me more involved in looking from afar, as opposed to reading. It showed me how to not only observe the lines of text and the general idea of the image to looking at everything from the speech bubble to the size and shape of the frame. It also spoke of how lines can depict the areas of the story which are not easily explained, such as emotion. The difference between short, jagged squiggles and long smooth wavy lines, is the difference between a character being horribly anxious and one being euphoric. I may be at somewhat of a loss for words, but this text explains everything thoroughly. It was surprising that it was easier to read the black and white frames than the color ones. I am usually a sucker for pop art colors; those bright yellows and reds, but i just found it more tedious because of the distraction of the color. They didnt seem to add as much to the comic as I had presumed.

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Danny said...

I agree with you Henry good stuff